What is Libby?

Libby is baby-feeding kit, which developed from an idea that arose from a need Linda Rosenbaum identified in the course of her work as director of a kindergarten, where she experienced and saw the difficulties of motherhood and of keeping bottles and bottle nipples clean.

  1. How does it work?

Simply place a bag in the bottle, attach the chosen bottle nipple, close the bottle, and feed your baby.  When done, remove the bag and nipple and throw them in the trash, then collapse the bottle until the next time. There is no need for washing, disinfection, or boiling, unless you chose to use the reusable nipple instead of a disposable one.

  1. What are the advantages of using bags?

The main advantage is your baby’s health. When the warm water used for making the food is poured into the bag, a vacuum is created. This vacuum prevents air from entering the bag during feeding and prevents the formation of air bubbles, which cause the unpleasant gas and abdominal pain that every baby experiences during the first months of life.

The second advantage is, of course, the quality of the mother’s life. After feeding, the bag gets thrown out. There is no need to rinse or boil the bottle, an activity that requires a lot of extra time and hard work, and you are spared lot of mess and difficulties when out of the house.

  1. What materials are the disposable bags made of?

The bags are made of a disposable, environmentally friendly material. We at Libby made sure to create a bag that is healthy and safe for your baby, as well as environmentally friendly and recyclable.

  1. For whom is the Libby kit suitable?

The Libby kit is suitable for everyone! Especially for new mothers who want to make life easier for themselves, improve the quality of their lives, and ensure the health of their babies. It also makes a wonderful gift for new mothers and for anyone you love!

  1. Is it necessary to replace the bottle, and if so, how often?

The Libby bottle is designed to be sturdy and reusable and is made of high-quality, strong materials that are long-lasting.

We designed and thought a lot about each detail, in order to save you the headache and money involved in the purchase of bottles.

  1. Can the disposable bags be stored for long periods of time?

The disposable bags store very well, but of course it is advisable to purchase a new package each time, in order to maintain the freshness and quality of the product and prevent it from getting old.

  1. How can I know whether the Libby kit is right for me?

Our goal at Libby is to successfully reach each mother wherever she is and help her improve her quality of life and her baby’s health. We make sure that the product is effective, economical, and of course affordable and convenient for any budget. We want every mother to be able to enjoy tranquility and a high quality of life with her newborn child and to be able to sleep in peace.

  1. Does the product come with a warranty?

We are always here to answer any question and respond to any problem, and we will make sure to find a solution and assist you.

  1. Until what age can the Libby bottle be used?

Libby produces bottles and nipples for each age at which the mother wishes to continue to feed the baby from a bottle. Furthermore, the bottle is adapted for both food and drink, so that you can continue to use it until a later age and save the cost of buying more bottles.

  1. Is it possible to use other nipples with the bottle?

Certainly! The kit includes an adapter for other types of nipples, in addition to the disposable and reusable nipples we provide. You can use the adapter and switch to any other nipple you find convenient.

  1. How many servings does the food dispenser hold?

We made you a food dispenser that holds three servings for use outside of the home. It is designed to hold three feeding bags in a secure and sterile way.

  1. How can I measure the amount of water in the bag?

Good question! The kit includes a compact measuring cup with which to measure the amount of water being put in the food bag. In addition, measurements are marked on the bottle itself, and when done feeding, you can see how much the baby ate.

  1. Are the products only available as part of the kit, or can each product be purchased separately?

You can purchase the products as part of the kit or separately. Of course, we recommend that you first purchase the full kit, because it contains all the accessories that will help you achieve maximum comfort and efficiency when using the bottle.

  1. What’s in the kit?

The kit includes:

  • 1 collapsible, reusable bottle
  • A set of disposable nipples and 1 reusable nipple
  • 1 adapter for other nipples
  • 1 set of disposable bags
  • 1 food distributer for storing three servings of food
  • 1 cup for measuring water
  • Bottle handles for a later stage, at which your baby can hold the bottle alone, easily and conveniently

Each customer will be able to choose the color of the bottle/kit from the various options available.

Each customer will be able to choose the flow speed of the nipples: slow, medium, or fast.

The perfect gift kit for a mom after giving birth: Decorative kit packaging, unique greeting card from “Libby”, two collapsible bottles, 2 food dispensers, 3 packages of disposable food bags for the food dispenser (100 food bags in each package, 300 total), 3 packages of disposable food bags for the bottle (100 food bags in each package, 300 total), 6 reusable nipples, 8 packages of disposable nipples (25 disposable nipples in each package, 200 total), 2 bottle handles, 2 nipple adapters, 2 measuring cups, and a pitcher.

Estimated delivery: Aug 2015