How Much “Stuff” Does Your Baby Really Need?

18206282_sLibbyIt is natural that over time we try to improve on our lives and many innovations help us do just that. What did we do before cell phones, microwaves and disposable diapers? Sometimes it’s hard to imagine our lives without the innovations and conveniences being invented every day.

But for every useful invention or innovation for babies, there are a hundred others that moms just don’t need.

We’ve all heard the stories of babies sleeping in dresser drawers and crazy things like that  and thank goodness those days are over. But, in this quickly changing world – what does your baby really need?

We took an informal survey of moms and most moms told us that they found that gimmicky products are expensive and just take up space when often times simpler solutions will do. Moms, it seems, have always been improvisers.

What we discovered in our research is that babies don’t need things as much as they need you. Which is why Linda invented the Libby Feeding System. Less time spent washing bottles or preparing food for the diaper bag means more time you can spend with baby.  And you just can’t put a price on that. Libby, keeping it simple.