Meals After the Baby Comes

21464089_sLibbyNothing satisfies like a home cooked meal. But when you have a new baby in the house, the task seems daunting if possible at all! Fatigue, soreness and all the adjustments that come with being new parents don’t make being in the kitchen particularly attractive. Yet new moms need good nutrition. What to do?

Libby founder Linda Rosenbaum is committed to moms doing things as easily and efficiently as possible, and that includes cooking and eating.

Linda encourages new parents to make a meal plan in advance, especially in the first month after the new baby comes home.  One strategy Linda advises is to cook and freeze as many meals as you can before the baby arrives. Nutritious soups and casseroles freeze very well and will be a welcome meal.

We found some great recipes at Real Simple, that you can make and freeze ahead of time.

Many friends and family members will ask what you want and need as a new parent – tell them you want home cooked meals! You will be surprised at how much delicious food will appear on your doorstep if you are honest about exactly what you need!

Ordering out is something you should add to your budget ahead of time too. Sometimes some Chinese food or pizza or your favorite BBQ ribs are just what the doctor ordered for tired new parents.

Making a plan ahead of time, cooking and freezing in advance, budgeting for take out and telling friends and family that what you really need is home cooked food will all serve to make the first few weeks with your new baby easy – and nutritious!