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Meals After the Baby Comes

Nothing satisfies like a home cooked meal. But when you have a new baby in the house, the task seems daunting if possible at all! Fatigue, soreness and all the adjustments that come with being new parents don’t make being in the kitchen particularly attractive. Yet new moms need good nutrition. What to do? Libby […]

Your Changing Body

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing transformations in nature. We found this great video of a woman’s pregnancy and we bet it will bring back memories for you! But it’s certainly no secret that pregnancy and motherhood changes your body. For many new moms, this can add a lot of stress to an already stressful […]

How Much “Stuff” Does Your Baby Really Need?

It is natural that over time we try to improve on our lives and many innovations help us do just that. What did we do before cell phones, microwaves and disposable diapers? Sometimes it’s hard to imagine our lives without the innovations and conveniences being invented every day. But for every useful invention or innovation for […]

Why Singing to Your Baby is a Great Idea

Most of us are familiar with the lullabies of our childhood and for good reason. Studies show that singing to your baby is soothing, relaxing and may even help your child acquire language skills later! Making and maintaining eye contact with your baby especially during feeding time and singing a soft lullaby will relax you […]

52 Activities for New Moms

Just because you are a mother does not mean that you should not also be you – with all the activities that enrich and make you happy. Many mothers today have careers plus they need and want physical and social activities! Libby founder Linda Rozenbaum definitely believes that moms and dads are happier when they […]

Great Gifts for Expectant Parents!

We came across this fantastic list in Forbes Magazine and were inspired to share with you some of these great gift ideas for pregnant and new mothers! Click here for the list! Of course, it goes without saying that a Libby Feeding Kit is one fantastic gift, first and foremost! Consumer Friendly Tip: Make sure […]

20 Sites All Moms Should Know

As one year ends and a new one begins, we at Libby are loving all the “best of” lists we keep finding! Here is a great list we found on Mashable, of the top 20 sites “all cool moms should know about”. I know we’re going to be kept very busy looking through these sites, […]

Leaving Baby with the Grandparents

For many grandparents, welcoming a new grandchild is an event they will never forget. If you live near enough, leaving your baby with its grandparents can be a joy for everybody concerned. You get a little you time and you or your spouse’s parents get to spend alone time with their new grandchild- everybody wins! […]

Support for Bottle Feeding Moms!

At Libby we believe that breastfeeding is the most natural, healthy option but we also know that not every mother can do it 100% of the time or at all. There are lots of reasons parents bottle feed. Being a good parent is about a lot more than whether you breast or bottle feed. The […]

Leaving Your Baby With a Babysitter

All new mothers have the moment when they must leave their child with a babysitter for the very first time. It can be a nerve wracking experience! This is a totally natural feeling. What if the sitter doesn’t understand exactly what your baby wants? What if your baby misses you? What if, what if, what […]