Libby – Patent Pending

IMG_4745sLibbyAt Libby, we believe that life is always improving when we imagine a better world. Quite simply, when we change the way we do things, we change the way things are!

That’s why Libby invented the world’s first 100% green, recyclable, collapsible bottle feeding system.

Libby, a compact baby feeding kit, has launched a Kickstarter campaign, to revolutionize baby feeding. Like the way that disposable diapers have changed the lives of millions of families around the world, the green way, keeping nature from harm.
Linda Rozenbaum, mother of three and a grandmother of six, has used her experience as a parent, and a founder of a 25 year old childcare center to design Libby, the world’s first 100% green, recyclable, collapsible bottle feeding system.
Linda2Libby’s pack includes a collapsible baby bottle and a formula dispenser with disposable bags and nipples. For those who prefer to employ re-usable nipples, there is an adapter that enables parents to insert any standard nipples in the bottle. It is compact, simple to use, environmentally friendly, saves parents time and money and helps babies avoid colics.

Libby was born out of frustration Linda experienced herself and has heard from parents at her child care center for many years. “They were concerned about sterilization of the bottles and nipples, uncertain about whether or not the bottles should be boiled and how often they should be replaced. The worry about being able to wash and sterilize the bottles when going on a trip or visiting friends ruined many plans. The concern that every working mother has when leaving their child is in preschool or with a nanny – whether the caregiver is washing and sterilizing the bottle properly, makes us restless. I wanted to change the reality,” says Linda.

The warm, damp inside of babies’ bottles is a prime environment for bacteria to grow. Washing them in a sink or in a boiling water is not enough to kill the germs. The same time, recent research has discovered that even BPA-free plastic products, when being exposed to heat from a dishwasher or microwave, release estrogenic chemicals dangerous for infants.
Libby solves all these problems. When the time comes, a parent or a caregiver inserts a bag and a nipple in the bottle, adds water and powder, shakes the bottle, and feeds the child. Then, they remove the bag and the nipple and throw them into a recycling bin, fold the bottle and place it in a compact bag.

The dispenser allows parents to prepare a serving of food in advance and save it in the disposable bag, offering worry-free time-out and less destructive nights. The bags prevent gas from entering the baby’s digestive system, helping to avoid painful colics, cries and uneasiness.